Gaming & Entertainment



Gaming facilities, such as casinos, and other entertainment operations, such as theme parks and museums, need the most powerful high surveillance tools. They need 24 hour monitoring in order to avoid vandalism, scams, thefts, and acts of violence, especially since so many consumers visit them on a daily basis.

A superiority casino surveillance system is a critical business tool used to settle gaming disputes, monitor public safety and expose fraud, cheating and theft. The very natures of the gaming environment where patrons and staff intermingle and handle large sums of money require that the video system furnish the best quality video available in terms of both image quality and frame rates.

  Alcon teamed up to develop an IP Video Description: that  delivers these essential elements and other  dimensions to the surveillance operation by providing analytical  search tools and features such as instant recall of  recorded video. 
 It is a given that casinos demand the highest standard video quality. In order to detect sleight of hand or subtle scams, full frame rate live viewing and review of recorded footage is essential. Any lowered frame rates, dropped frames or jerky stop-start video make the system unusable when trying to track hand movements and cash or chips changing hands. 

 Leading end-to-end IP Video surveillance systems can stream and record high-resolution video continuously at 30fps, whereas some less capable, poorly specified systems can only achieve this performance under ideal conditions, for example when there is limited video motion. The gaming environment is a high motion, 24/7 operation; the surveillance system needs to be performing to these high standards at all times.