Technology Highlights

H.264 VS. H.265 Technology 
HD - High Definition

 High Definition cameras offer the best quality image video built to exceed the most demanding video applications. This enables users to identify critical details such facial features and license plates.

 AHD technology

 AHD (Analog High Definition) is a newly developed solution for transmitting full HD digital video, audio, and control signal transmission over a standard coax cable without any latency or loss of video at distances of 1,640 feet. 


Onvif™ is an open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products. Onvif™ is committed to the adoption of IP in the security market. The Onvif™ specification will ensure interoperability between products regardless of manufacturer. 

 960H Solution

Alcon offers a complete line of 960H CCD cameras with only the latest Sony Effio-E DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology. This combination allows a true high definition quality, low noise, and true color video for analog camera solutions that reach up to 700TVL color resolution.